Hollaender, the name you have come to trust for the finest in attractive, high quality, cost effective, easy-to-install structural pipe fittings and railing systems, has now advanced fitting design with the introduction of Speed-Rail II.

This innovation has taken Speed-Rail to the next level of design and engineering by broadening the best in structural fittings with the addition of an even better product for many applications.


Designed for Maximum Flexibility

The new series of Speed-Rail II fittings, constructed of aluminum/ magnesium alloy, is manufactured with maximum flexibility and strength in mind to provide you with years of structural integrity for a wide variety of demanding applications.This next generation of reconfigured two-piece fittings is designed to deliver time and labor savings by enhancing assembly in initial installation, disassembly when system changes are required, and retrofitting in older installations.

In addition to flexibility, strength, and cost efficiency, here are just a few of the important benefits offered by Speed Rail II fittings:

  • Ease of installation   
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • Virtually maintenance free  
  • Non-magnetic and non-sparking



Speed-Rail II structural slip-on fittings are ideal in the construction of playground areas. Whether erecting a facility in a hotel, fast food restaurant, sports complex, school, etc... Speed Rail II fittings provide strength, ease of maintenance, and adaptability.

Public Works

No matter what the size, such as a wastewater treatment plant, Hollaender Speed-Rail II fittings are engineered to ensure durable, longterm corrosion-resistant installation. This is particularly important when compared to the maintenance and repair associated with installations constructed of welded steel rail.

Railing Systems

The ruggedness, dependability and flexibility of Speed-Rail II allows you to construct railings on catwalks, guard railing, bleachers, benches, safety railing and docks as well as comprehensive railing systems without the costly expense of continual repairs and replacement and the continual problem of repairing broken welded handrail.

Engineered to Last...

Hollaender originated the concept of slip-on structural fittings for building with pipe more than 45 years ago. Today, as a widely recognized leader in the industry, Hollaender's world-class manufacturing capabilities encompass the most modern metallurgical engineering and casting technology. The company operates a new state-of-the-art captive foundry and pours only high quality aluminum/ magnesium alloy castings under carefully controlled conditions, thereby ensuring conformance to the strictest quality standards. Hollaender is the only fittings manufacturer to do so.


Whatever the Application

Whatever you're building with pipe application, whether it be for original equipment manufacturers, amusement parks, playgrounds, refineries, chemical plants and 1,000,001 other possibilities, Hollaender Speed-Rail II fittings will provide you with the versatility you need and the product excellence you demand. In fact, at Hollaender we believe the only limit to the number of applications is your imagination.

Recommended Installation

For high stress or high vibration applications, Speed-Rail II fittings should be installed with the open end of the track facing downward as shown. Once the cap is slid into place, all set screws should be tightened to the proper torque.

Easy to Assemble

Speed-Rail II two-piece modular fittings are expertly engineered to make on-site construction easy, whether you are building a new structure or adding on to an existing one. All you do is:

  1. Select the proper Speed-Rail II fittings for your application
  2. Cut Pipe (Standard I.P.S. Size) to length
  3. Slip on the fitting and tighten the set screws with a hex wrench.

No nuts, bolts, washers, messy adhesives or costly welding!

Available in a Rainbow of Colors

Hollaender Speed-Rail II structural slip-on fittings are available in a full spectrum of attractive colors, including safety colors. The impact-resistant, UV durable powder coatings deliver both high performance and eye-appeal.